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Getting Communication Right at Work

How do you improve communication skills in the workplace?

What is communication?
Communication is more than just the words we say; it also includes how we say them (the stress and tone of the language), as well as paralinguistic signals from body language and gestures. But if we want to improve the efficacy of communication at work, a good place to start is by making sure we speak the same language!itp2

What communication should you aim for at work?
Of course, in a multicultural environment such as Dubai, it’s inevitable that people will speak the lingua franca (English) with differing levels of ability. That’s okay! There is no reason to expect, or demand, that the building security guard can read and understand works of Shakespeare, or even the Financial Times. But we should expect our Chief Financial Officer to be capable of the latter! What is key here is for HR/L&D Managers or an external expert (Polyskills IH Dubai consulting for example) to undertake a benchmarking process to identify the linguistics skills and requirements of each job role. Once these have been identified, and assessment carried out to ascertain whether the individuals in the job are at the right level, work can be done to bridge any gaps.
Different solutions for different issues
This might involve general English language training to improve ability across the four skills of: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking; or it might be more targeted with Listening Skills Training only, or developing Business Speaking Skills. For those with the language level who may be lacking business writing training or communication skills for specific contexts e.g. telephone calls, meetings, or presentations, a highly-skilled corporate trainer can develop those professional skills.
The effect of good communication on the business’ bottom line
Learning effective communication skills has a massive impact on businesses. Not only does it result in greater productivity (less time is lost to misunderstandings and errors), increased team cohesiveness and high performance, but it also has a positive effect with customers who receive better service! All of the above means good results for the company’s bottom line, profitability, and ultimately its reputation in the market.

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September 6, 2016

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