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Which Language Should You Learn to Increase What You Earn?

October 2016 – Dubai, UAE
Today’s business world is a dynamic and ever-changing environment in which workers must find ways to stay up-to-date and to stand out from the crowds. As employees are asked to take on new projects, learn skills, work flexibly, and all in less time, you need to find innovative ways of increasing your earning potential. We asked companies for their top differentiators, and this is what they said…

In a recent survey of employers by, the majority report that they continue to struggle to find recruit talent with the particular skills set and person specifications they are searching for. This is despite the fact that it is very much a ‘buyer’s market’ for jobs at the moment. They do not have trouble finding applicants with the right technical, or ‘hard’, skills, but there is a massive disconnect when trying to find people with the appropriate ‘soft’ skills and communication abilities.

This knowledge gap is particularly noticeable in professional expatriate workers who may have the right qualifications for the role, but who are unable to communicate with their clients and colleagues in the region. For this reason, Polyskills-IH Dubai is providing strategic support to organisations with Arabic Language Training. The programmes are tailor-made for customer-facing employees as well as for senior leaders, and can be customised to focus on the communication skills required in their particular roles.


Sheikh Al Harthy, Owner and CEO explains:
“Applicants report that HR managers and recruiters are getting better at checking whether people are as “fluent” communicators as they claim to be on their CVs! Following our Arabic Language programmes we have seen a significant number of participants go on to gain employment and/or get promotions within 12 months of the course.
“Although language skills will not trump qualifications and experience, the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace in both English and Arabic can be a real defining factor on whether you are offered that job or not.”

Over 50% of employers describe having Arabic language skills as being useful or very useful in their workplaces. This reflects the attention to market retention and business development many companies are giving as they grow their firms. Furthermore, this demand is only likely to increase since the announcement of the Department of Economic Development (DED)’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector which launched a new initiative to see all commercial establishments across the emirate using Arabic as the main language. This will clearly have an impact on customer service staff who deal with inquiries, feedback, and complaints, as well as call centre staff who should be able to provide information in Arabic.

About Polyskills – International House Dubai:

Polyskills – International House Dubai training and education institute works closely with Governments and industry to provide turn-key solutions and delivers internationally accredited and recognised training programmes. Polyskills focuses on local demands and industry requirements whilst keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements and training methodologies.

For more information contact: Madina Hunt at 043999259,, or visit

About International House World Organisation:

Polyskills institute is an affiliate of the International House World Organisation (IHWO). This is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world. Founded in 1953, we are a global network of over 160 affiliated private language schools in 56 countries, spanning every continent. All schools are inspected prior to affiliation and if they do not meet the exacting quality standards they cannot use the International House brand. This ensures that International House remains a name that both students and teachers can trust.


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October 17, 2016

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